Sitemap - 2023 - Staying Focused

Happy Holidays and the End of Year

First pole showcase and 3D printing

Remembering my grandfather, and seeing family

My Appahappah

Social pressures, & being the best is a myth

How is your environment?

Starting a podcast, signing up for a pole showcase, and some programming stuff

My first counselling session, shipping things people won't use, and budgeting hurts

Your vote counts and lessons from a tech meet-up

Stop worrying about being the best

Letting go of the result

Making the most out of events you don't really want to attend

Don't let the titles of Junior, Intermediate, and Senior distract you

The power of silence

Are your fitness goals for health or an unhealthy body image obsession?

Stepping away from optometry... completely.

Religion & focus, girls & friendzones, remote work & shame

The importance of keeping up with old friends

How often do you compare down?

Local Heros

Updates: learning, pole dancing, and content direction

How did the Lockdowns affect you?

Our mental well-being is down the toilet

9 projects from a self-taught programmer

Competition weekend

Being okay with who you are

Getting into artificial intelligence again

Tech week in Palmerston North

1st aid course, competition, and cancelled hackathon

This funny thing last week

In pursuit of doing more

The new career but I'm feeling a little empty

What do to when you have plataeu's in your optometry career

Chatting being an optometrist and learning code

Dating apps don't solve the problem they intend to fix

I need your help

Optometrist then, Web Developer now

6 fears I had leaving my full-time job (1-year review)

What to do in a career rut

You don't have to be Andrew Tate to make a sustainable living from the internet

How to Journal and Why

Ryan O'Connor - A Passionate Optometrist

Thoughts on creating a book club?

i was wrong about social media