What is Staying Focused?

Staying Focused is a weekly-ish newsletter that invites you into a raw and unfiltered behind-the-scenes of my journey in life. I saw weekly-ish because I aim to be in your inbox on Sunday morning (NZT).

In each newsletter, I share:

  • an interesting idea that has been ruminating in my mind — that could be anything I am struggling with, anything I’ve overcome, or anything I think you might find useful;

  • my favourite things of the week — anything I find interesting like movies, books, podcasts, and videos;

  • content that I have published;

  • a quote from anything I have read.

I am Kiwi born with Sri Lankan heritage

Who am I?

Best explained with a timeline:

  • 1993: I was born in Palmerston North — where I spent most of my life growing up.

  • 2016: I graduated from the University of Auckland as a fully qualified optometrist and moved down to Christchurch to start my working life.

  • 2020: I began writing online.

  • 2021: I moved back to Palmerston North to focus on a career change away from optometry into software development.

  • 2023: I started a new career path as a web developer.

  • the future is bright… brighter with you.

I think sharing my journey is something that could help others, while also helping me reflect on my thoughts.

I’d love for you to walk this path with me.

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Subscribing helps me support others by writing more meaningful posts. What you get is:

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