What a legit post. Ok, so what do I think about the big elephant question.

Which, I like how you even asked it, because that's how I think about it: is it even real?

If you think it's real, it's real! No one can question that, only you. So in a sense, that's a decision you're actively making.

It's generally considered biological imperative to continue the species, at the very basic level. It's natural to be attracted to people, so go find people to be attracted to. Be their friend, and their friend's friends. I think with enough exposure, you can get a sense of how someone feels about you. But yeah, I don't think relationships remain in-tact for the same reasons they did in the past. Being with one person for all of life isn't easy! Need to find a good justification for both parties to put in the work to stay in a relationship.

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Happy to hear you are doing well!

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